Testosterone boosters are used to improve the level of testosterone in your body. Depending on the level of your testosterone levels, there are different kinds of these supplements and they have proved to be of great importance to our body. But before you think of starting to use these testosterone boosters, it is really important to understand if there is lack of testosterone in your body. It is very dangerous to take something that your body does not need and this can cause you to have health problems. You should never think of taking steroid hormones such as DHEA before you see doctors and they conduct a blood test on you. It is also advisable to monitor your blood regularly to make sure that you are actually using the correct dosage of a testosterone booster.

What are the side effects of testosterone boosters?

Before you start using any of testosterone booster, it is very important to see a doctor for prescription. Also buying a testosterone supplement that is only made of natural ingredients and is from a reputable and legit company is a way of avoiding the side effects. It will reduce the risks of reactions, allergies and any other possible side effects. Big blue test is one such test that can help you know your testosterone levels. Researches give a number of side effects which are possible if you take more testosterone boosters than recommended by the doctor. They include;

  • High amount of red blood cell count
  • Acne
  • Prostate growth
  • Sleep apnea
  • Prostate growth
  • High risk of clotting
  • Breast swelling

The highest risk with supplementing your testosterone levels is it can lead to the shutting down of your own natural production. This can also lead to permanent production of lower amounts of sperm count. As steroids such as DHEA may be used to improve the levels of testosterone, they must be used responsibly. This is because when they are overused, they may lead to increase of testosterone levels beyond the normal levels. This may lead to problems such as abnormal muscle mass. They can also lead to hormone imbalance, damage of the liver, high blood pressure and high chances of stroke and even heart attack.

Which are the natural ways of improving testosterone levels?

Average level of testosterone is very important from the young age to adulthood and even to old age. The general health, sexual function and body composition need proper levels of testosterone in order to avoid risks. This is why natural ways are very good in boosting the testosterone levels as the can also lead to improvement of a healthy life in general.

Making sure to exercise and lifting weights is one of the most advisable ways to protect the body from the risks of various health problems. The big blue test has rallied a lot on the impact that small exercises can have on our health. A recent research revealed that the people who exercise on a daily routine have a higher level of testosterone. Having adequate physical activity is much better than using weight loss diet. This is very important for boosting the testosterone levels in people with obesity problems. Resistance training like weight lifting is an excellent way to ensure both short-term and long-term increase in testosterone levels. High-intensity training is also good. If you want to boost you testosterone levels further, you have to combine these training activities with using caffeine and creatine monohydrate supplements.

What you eat has a very big effect on your testosterone and hormone levels. Ensure to eat adequate protein, fat and carbs. Bad eating habits may be of a very big hindrance to your testosterone levels. It is good to eat enough proteins as they can maintain health levels and regulate fat loss. This will help in boosting your testosterone levels. Carb is good during resistance training.

It is also important to minimize the amount of stress and cortisol levels. Long-term stress can be very dangerous as it can elevate cortisol levels. This will lead to the decreased amount of testosterone levels. Stress and high cortisol can also lead to increase in food intake, increased weight and storage of harmful fat in the body. It is good to restrain from a lot of stressful situations in order to keep optimal levels of health and hormone. Also having a balanced lifestyle, adequate sleep and a variety of foods can really help in improving the testosterone levels.

Many people nowadays lack adequate sunlight therefore having low vitamin D in the body. It is important to have some sun or even take vitamin D supplement as a way of boosting your levels of testosterone.

The body also needs enough vitamins and mineral supplement. Vitamin B and zinc, for instance, have an important role of boosting the sperm quality.

Many people under-estimate sleep and rest. Lack of enough sleep and rest may really hinder your testosterone levels. According to research, sleeping for only 5 hours in a night reduces the testosterone levels by 15%.

It is also good to avoid estrogen-like compounds. A healthy sex life can be very important in regulation of sex hormone and levels of testosterone. Try to keep away from exposure to estrogen-chemicals such as BPA and parabens. Excessive consumption of alcohol or other drugs can lead to decrease in the levels of testosterone. Happiness and success can be the ideal ways of improving your health and levels of testosterone.