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  • What should you buy? A trailer or a motorhome

    Making the decision of the right recreational vehicle for you is not an easy one. This involves considering a lot of other things in addition to your budget. You should research well before you buy the right type of vehicle for your family recreational trip because this is a huge investment and one should be careful enough to make sure that he is buying the right one. Usually, when we search about the RVs present in the current market, we see two broad categories:

    • Motor homes
    • Trailers

    Motorhomes are the recreational vehicles which have the engine, and everything installed within, and on the other hand trainer or the fifth wheel is something that needs a separate vehicle to drag it. Both these types of RVs have their advantages and disadvantages and you should know about these pros and cons before you make the decision of purchasing the right option for you. As this is not a small investment, you should research a lot before making the decision regarding trailer or motorhome. If you are not sure, this article would give you with a basic insight about the topic and by the end of this article you would be able to makeup your mind regarding the suitable vehicle for your needs.

    Factors that could potentially affect your decision:

    When you are about to purchase trailer or motorhome, there would be certain factors that can bring a change in your decision. Here, in this article we would cover some important things that can be the potential factors for making a good decision in this regard.

    • Price and your budget
    • How much do you like day tripping?
    • Do you have another vehicle?
    • Insurance and other relevant costs
    • Do you need a secondary vehicle?
    • Can you easily manage the towing thing?
    • How much do you travel?

    These questions are important to answer when you are making a decision between trailer or motorhome, because with the answer to these questions you would be able to make better decision regarding the right choice. First thing first, the price is most important thing. If you can afford two vehicles, then it is better to opt for a motor van and a car separately. When the RV is not used for a long time, it starts deteriorating and it often ends up in a lot of loss. It is therefore prudent to bear loss of a less costly thing as compared to a vehicle which would cost you tons of money. On the other hand, if you cannot afford two vehicles, buying a trailer would be a better choice for you as it would offer you a better replacement.

    On trips, do you want to just camp around or you like to visit far off places? In the later situation, you would be better with a trailer as you would be able to detach the car from the trailer and can freely move. On the other hand, if you are not interested in moving a lot, motor van would suit you more as this would allow you to stay compact and enjoy your ride and reach the destination with ease. So, trailer or motorhome depends on your personal choice and the movement habits.

    Usually the insurance cost of motor vans is much higher than as compared to those of trailers. It is therefore very important to consider this factor before you make a decision. It is important to calculate the ownership costs of both these vehicles as only then you would be able to make a good decision.

    In addition to all other factors, it is very important to know that towing is not a very easy thing to do. If you are comfortable with this, only then opt for a towing vehicle otherwise choose the motor van for which no towing would be required. It is easier to travel in a motor van as it is a compact unit as compared to a trailer, and so is the drive of these two. Make a proper research and test drive both the options to make a good decision. Without a test drive, you would never be able to take a good decision in this regard. Further, when you make a decision of these vehicles, you should assess the time of travel. If you travel a lot you might be interested in buying a motor van as it would not be deteriorated unless trailer is a great option, as you would be using the vehicle on other days.

    You should also consider the safety and security of your vehicle before you make the purchase. It is much easier to park and secure a motor van as compared to a trailer. As trailers would take more space as opposed to the space taken by a motor van.


    It is more of a personal preference and based on certain factors that which type of vehicle would suit you most. If you do not know what type of vehicle would suit best for your needs, you can meet a dealer and can test both the vehicles. You can use the vehicles on rent before making the ownership decision. Never go beyond your budget for the purchase of a recreational vehicle because if you would not be able to bear the ownership costs of the vehicle, it would create a lot of problems for you.