Testosterone is mostly associated with men’s sex hormone, although female also have it, but only in small amounts. Testosterone has many other functions, like muscle and bone development, hair growth, deepening of voice, sperm production and more.

The production of testosterone may slow down as a man ages, and older men most of the time have signs of low testosterone.

Symptoms of low testosterone

Below are the usual symptoms of low testosterone for men, but females may also experience any of the following:

  • Erection problems

Low level of testosterone may find men to maintain and get erections. The hormone stimulates men penile tissues to create nitric oxide (starts some reactions resulting to erection).

If testosterone level is too low, getting an erection may be hard for men.

There are other factors that may cause erectile issues:

  • Thyroid related problems
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Anxiety or stress
  • High cholesterol
  • Smoking


  • Hair Loss

Hair loss can be due to age, and this may also affect women. But, in a study, women who are receiving treatment (testosterone implants) for sex hormone deficiency symptoms also experience hair growth.

  • Reduced Bone Mass

Testosterone can help maintain bone volume and produce bone tissue. Low level of such hormone can make your bones more prone to fractures.

This being the case, hitting the gym or performing heavy, physical activities may not be as safe if you have low levels of testosterone.

  • Testicle size reduction

Men with low testosterone level may observe their testicle size reducing and the scrotum feel softer than before.

  • Semen amount reduction

Semen is fluid that makes the majority of men ejaculate. This kind of fluid helps sperm move towards the female’s egg. Testosterone helps the production of the semen, hence reduced semen may be due to low testosterone level.

This being the case, testosterone may also be the culprit of man’s infertility.

  • Difficulty in sleeping

Another sign that a men or women have low testosterone is difficulty of falling or staying asleep. Men, in particular, experience sleep apnea due to low level of this hormone. Sleep apnea is a disorder that may cause a person to stop breathing temporarily hence disrupting his sleep.

  • Lowers or minimizes sex drive

Sex drive for men is most of the time high, but if the testosterone is low, sex drive is less. As a man ages, his sex drive naturally diminishes, but if the man is at his prime age, low sex drive may be due to low testosterone.

The significant changes may be due to the lowered level of testosterone, and this should be addressed to regain sex drive back.

  • Reduced muscle mass

Testosterone boost development of your muscle mass, hence if it is lower, it may result to loss of muscle mass. The reduction is significant, but needless to say, the strength and function of your muscle do not weaken. Even performance is not impacted of it, you would never want your muscles to reduce.

  • Hot flashes

Although, this is most of the time associated to menopausal, hot flashes may also be due to low level of testosterone.

  • Decrease in level of energy

If a person, male or female, has low level of testosterone, they may feel less energized and feeling of fatigue is nothing but usual, even if you are not doing any tiring tasks.

They may feel tired even after resting for a long time, and their interest moving and exercising may be diminished or even gone.

  • Increase in man and woman body fat

Body fat may increase due to low level of testosterone. In other cases, men who have testosterone deficiency develop gynecomastia, which actually is the culprit of breasts enlargement.

  • Changes in the mood and/or mood swings

Those who are experiencing low level of such hormone, men gender in particular, may likely experience irritability, lack of focus and depression. This being the case, his/her overall being and life will get impacted too, not only him/her but other people around them too.

What to do for lesser testosterone level?

If this is an issue you or your loved one is facing, seeking medical help from professionals is recommended. You must provide your doctor with all the necessary information they need to know so they can assess your situation more accurately.

They are the best people to assess your condition and provide you solutions as they gone through studies about such conditions. There are many supplements available in the market today, and taking advantage of them is worth to consider.

When choosing, it is recommended that you choose the best supplement by considering the reviews from its users, the manufacturer of the supplement’s credibility and so on. Testogen works and it is supported by reviews by those people who use them, so worth your trust.